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Paul Thomson

JOURNEYS - CD (signed copy) and sample pack / digital album download

JOURNEYS - CD (signed copy) and sample pack / digital album download

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CD - NOW SHIPPING. Digital Download of album included. Please be aware that there may be customs/duty charges depending on your location which are out of our control - apologies.

Sample pack and digital album download link sent within 2h of purchase: see below for details..

Debut studio album by Paul Thomson - signed copy!

Track listing:

  • 1 - A Home From Home
  • 2 - Ecstatic Skies
  • 3 - Golden Hour
  • 4 - Summer Heat
  • 5 - Ballet Of The Snow
  • 6 - Dreaming Of The Lights
  • 7 - City Of Angels
  • 8 - Into The Void
  • 9 - Cloudburst
  • 10 - Moonrise Dew
  • 11 - Melancholy
  • 12 - Nocturne

All tracks written, produced and mixed by Paul Thomson

Recorded at The Bull Pen and The Lane

Strings recorded by Isabel Gracefield at RAK Studio 1

Musicians contracted by Hilary Skewes

Transcriptions by Ben Foskett

Mastered by Cicely Balston at AIR Mastering


Tina Guo: Cello (5)  Ash Soan: Drums (9)  Mike Georgiades: Guitar (9) Anthony Weeden: Conductor (2,3,8,9,11) Jonathan Morton: Leader (2,3,8,9) Violin solo (11)  Anna Blackmur, Magdalena Filipczak, Raja Halder, Magnus Johnston, Antonia Kesel, Eloisa-Fleur Thom: Violin (2,3,8,9,11) Laurie Anderson, Meghan Cassidy, Gary Pomeroy: Viola (2,3,8,9,11) Richard Harwood, Brian O'Kane, Jessie Ann Richardson: Cello (2,3,8,9,11) Leon Bosch, Lucy Shaw: Contrabass (2,3,8,9,11)

JOURNEYS sound pack - to keep you busy while I finish the process of prepping for release heres a fun sound pack of some of my favourite sounds that I created to use while making the record. (And a few extra!) Includes some great playable Logic Pro Sampler and Kontakt (full version) instruments of sounds including Balalaika, Psaltery Pads, Cello FX, DFAM basses, fx and drums samples, Nylon Guitar, Wine Glasses, Studio Drumkit, Flute Air FX, Clarinet texture pad, Electric guitar FX and pads, Ride Cymbal taps. over 600 MB of content across 62 patches. REQUIRES either LOGIC PRO in 'Sampler' format *or* FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT 5.8.1 or later. Does NOT work in free Kontakt PLAYER. Both formats included in download. Also sample content is WAV format so you can just drag audio into your sessions if you prefer.

CD DELIVERY INFORMATION - please read before ordering: we ship using ROYAL MAIL TRACKED only. Tracked shipping will provide you with a tracking number. If lost during shipping we will provide a replacement free of charge.

Sound Pack content:

Journeys - Balalaika.nki
Journeys - Breath fx sounds.nki
Journeys - Cello drone.nki
Journeys - Cello Drop fx.nki
Journeys - Clarinets pad.nki
Journeys - Cym Bell soft.nki
Journeys - Cym Edge Open soft.nki
Journeys - Cym Large soft.nki
Journeys - Cym Splash soft.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 1.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 2.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 3.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 4.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 5.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 6.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 7.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 8.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass 9.nki
Journeys - DFAM Bass Drums.nki
Journeys - DFAM Chime 1.nki
Journeys - DFAM Chime 2.nki
Journeys - DFAM Chime 3.nki
Journeys - DFAM Chime 4.nki
Journeys - DFAM Chime 5.nki
Journeys - DFAM Doom.nki
Journeys - DFAM Drop.nki
Journeys - DFAM NoiseBlips.nki
Journeys - DFAM Snares.nki
Journeys - DFAM Toms.nki
Journeys - Gtr fx sounds.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Blipsicle.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Chug Monoish.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx GrillChug.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Grind UpDown.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Scarysoft.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Sparkleforwards.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Sparklereverse.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Starrynight.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Stereoizchug.nki
Journeys - Gtrfx Synthmetachug.nki
Journeys - Gtrpad Mysterion.nki
Journeys - Gtrpad Pothead.nki
Journeys - Gtrpad Prescient.nki
Journeys - Gtrpad Thoughtful.nki
Journeys - Huge Match strike.nki
Journeys - Kit BD and Toms.nki
Journeys - Kit BD.nki
Journeys - Kit Cyms.nki
Journeys - Kit Dub Breaks source.nki
Journeys - Kit HH.nki
Journeys - Metal Gate tone.nki
Journeys - Nylon guitar.nki
Journeys - Pen Desk taps.nki
Journeys - Perc Breath n Spit.nki
Journeys - Perc knock n slams.nki
Journeys - Piano Low Staccato mp.nki
Journeys - Psaltery Cluster hits.nki
Journeys - Psaltery Cluster MW.nki
Journeys - Psaltery pad.nki
Journeys - Roller Perc clack.nki
Journeys - Wine Glass 1.nki
Journeys - Wine Glass 2.nki


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